Turbo Services

Your total turbomachinery solution.

Petroturbo is your complete design and development resource for any type of turbomachinery. All services are carried out by a strong team of engineers, expert in their fields and rich in industrial experience.

Design Process. Petroturbo expert engineers performs all stages of the turbomachinery design process from the preliminary design to flow simulation and preparation of final reports. We begin to establish specific requirements and goals for performance, reliability, manufacturability, and cost. Then, using state- of-the-art engineering techniques and analysis tools, Petroturbo engineers will create a design to meet your project specifications. Afterwards, we will provide the CAD solid modeling of the designed flow path and manufacturing drawings. Our collective experience covers all branches of turbomachinery design and related fields of knowledge including: hydraulics,  aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and rotor dynamic analysis.

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Preliminary Design

State of the art CAE methods for fast design exploration and optimization.

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Flow Simulation - CFD

CFD techniques can greatly reduce the time needed for product development.

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Structural Analysis - FEA

FEA simulation to accelerate product development with confidence.

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Rotor Dynamic Analysis

Rotor dynamic analysis will help maintain performance, stability, and reliability of turbomachinery.

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