Turbomachinery design and optimization.

Petroturbo is active in the development and design of turbomachinery, flow simulation - CFD, structural analysis - FEA, including rotor dynamic analysis and collaborates with leading CAE and CFD software vendors to provide efficient customized solutions to industry needs

Innovative technology solutions. Petroturbo provides innovative technology solutions related to turbomachinery. Our consulting services and R&D team delivers cutting-edge technology with better efficiencies, performance, reliability and low environmental impact. Our goals are aligned with the goals of our customers: use all available resources to create and optimize turbomachinery to be as efficient as possible on a conservative budget and ahead of schedule.

Engineering consulting services in the turbomachinery. Petroturbo provides engineering consulting services in the turbomachinery space for a wide range of power, size, working fluid, and configuration requirements. Leverage our extensive experience with different configurations including axial, radial, mixed flow and counter rotating machines as well as single and multistage in single shaft and multi-shaft arrangements.