Rotor Dynamic Analysis

Rotor Dynamic Analysis will help maintain performance, stability, and reliability of turbomachinery.

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Once a turbomachine has been designed for the best compromise of thermodynamic and aerodynamic efficiency, space and weight and structural constraints it should be checked for rotor dynamics in order to ensure that no destructive vibrations will occur in the rotor-bearing-support system. Petroturbo provides consulting for rotor dynamics which span a multitude of different equipment.

Our expertise. Petroturbo’s specialized engineers utilize the study of rotor dynamics to analyze a number of rotor-based structures, ensuring the reliable performance of turbomachinery within intended operational ranges. Our capability for rotor dynamics service include: 

  1. Calculations of lateral, axial, and torsional vibrations

  2. Campbell diagram analysis for damped and undamped systems

  3. Unbalance or transient response calculations

  4. Computation of rotor system with clearances, full and partial rubbing, external and internal friction, and definition of instability thresholds

  5. Computation of rotor system with nonlinear journal/rolling bearings, squeeze-film dampers, and many other types of rotor studies.

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Preliminary Design

State of the art CAE methods for fast design exploration and optimization.

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Flow Simulation - CFD

CFD techniques can greatly reduce the time needed for product development.

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Structural Analysis - FEA

FEA simulation to accelerate product development with confidence.