Rotating Equipment Services

Rotating equipment services - Improved uptime, time efficiency, cost reduction.

Petroturbo provides rotating equipment services is an OEM alternative. We work with our customers to engineer custom parts that are guaranteed to meet or exceed manufacturer operating tolerances and balance standards saving your company from long lead times and costly OEM pricing.

Our expertise. Our technical team provides complete rotating equipment services and guaranteeing a high level of technical service and execution that truly create value and quantifiable positive result and our expertise is including: Repair and overhaul services, Reverse engineering, Dynamic balancing, Condition monitoring/ reliability services, Motors/ drives, and Field services.

Repair and Overhaul Services

Petroturbo provides a comprehensive repair and overhaul services of rotating equipment to our customers, either on site or at our service facility, with the assurance that when their piece of equipment is returned to operation they receive the maximum value from the repair and overhaul process. No matter how complex the equipment, regardless of OEM, you can be confident your machine will perform as expected.

Our repair and overhaul process includes:

  1. Disassemble and all components prepared for cleaning

  2. All critical clearances and dimensions recorded

  3. Inspection undertaken for wear, corrosion, erosion and cavitation

  4. Identify if damage caused is due to rotating equipment not operating at design point

  5. Any repair work identified and quotation supplied to customer for approval 

  6. Repair work undertaken and any required parts replaced with OEM parts or reverse engineered when required

  7. Re-assembled, painted to customers specification, balanced and performance tested before being returned to the customers

  8. Comprehensive warranty

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Reverse Engineering

Petroturbo provides reverse engineering to customers with an alternative for sourcing parts for their equipment. Whether looking to upgrade components or re-rating, quicker deliveries, replacing parts, or due to obsolete and damaged parts.

We are using sophisticated coordinate measuring equipment, a part can be fully modeled to a high degree of accuracy. The model is then used to generate manufacturing drawings for the new part.

Dynamic Balancing

Petroturbo provides dynamic balancing to customer as standard practice for reducing bearing load and running noise. Dynamic balancing after a repair can increase the lifetime and efficiency of your rotating equipment.

We provide balancing service both at our workshops and on-site, using the very latest electronic precision balancing equipment. Most components can be accommodated and balanced either to a specific tolerance or the applicable ISO or API specifications.

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Condition Monitoring and Reliability Services

Petroturbo provides condition monitoring and reliability services as an effective way to extend in operating life between maintenance outages, hence it will reduce your operational costs.

We monitor the condition of your machine, so you know to provide the plan for equipment maintenance. Your rotating machine is trying to tell you its condition via vibration, temperature, oil samples, sound, and motor voltage/ current.

Motors and Drives

Petroturbo provides repair motors and drive systems according to applicable local and industry accepted standards to reducing your energy consumption. We offer repair and preventive maintenance contracts, complete motor and drive system repairs, plus installation and services.

Our comprehensive documentation system covers all aspects of inspection, reporting, work carried out, replacement parts, assembly, and final testing. We can perform all mechanical and electrical reclamation work in-house. All rotating parts are dynamically balanced.

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Field Services

Incidents can occur at any time of the day or night, and Petroturbo is always ready to assist you with our field services. We can perform remote monitoring to analyze the behavior of the equipment, or we can send our field engineer out for on-site assistance with the following type of services:

  1. 24/7 support: We provide timely and efficient on-site maintenance and repair services in order to respond immediately to emergency requests

  2. Emergency breakdown services: We can mobilize teams of specialists to provide field service to your site location in case of an emergency breakdown

  3. Troubleshooting: We offer diagnostic services and perform expert analyses to identify the cause of specific incidents during troubleshooting your equipment.

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Aftermarket Services

Tailored aftermarket services that give your operations an edge.

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General Mechanical Services

Customized general mechanical services to satisfy the demands of customers.

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Operation & Maintenance

Expert O&M services to realizing competitive plant operations.