Preliminary Design of Turbomachinery

State of the art CAE methods for fast design exploration and optimization. 

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Petroturbo provides state of the art CAE methods for fast design and optimization of turbomachinery. We have the tools and expertise that allow us to carry out quick and simple performance estimates, or complex full 3D performance analysis depending on customer project specifications.

Our expertise. Based on the initial project specifications from customer, our engineers will perform preliminary designs and optimization to determine the viability of a project and we will propose the most relevant machine configuration and improving efficiency from existing designs. In many cases the preliminary designs are performed from scratch on the basis of the customer’s specifications and we can work as well from existing machines configuration with different sources of input information, such as; 2D drawings, 3D CAD solid models, and laser scanned.

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Flow Simulation - CFD

CFD techniques can greatly reduce the time needed for product development.

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Structural Analysis - FEA

FEA simulation to accelerate product development with confidence.

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Rotor Dynamic Analysis

Rotor Dynamic Analysis will help maintain performance, stability, and reliability of turbomachinery.