Packages & Modules

We offer packages & modules innovative solutions with multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities.

We build powerful packages & modules solutions for pumping modules (such as sea water lift, injection, pump mechanical drive engines, fire water) with zone 2 compliant, instrument air compression with zone 2 compliant, gas compression modules (such as fuel gas boosting, wellhead, associated gas, vapour recovery, boil off gas). 

Tailored packages & modules. Our packages & modules are designed and built to operate in the harshest and most remote locations where reliability and safety are paramount. They can be tailored to stringent specifications and certified to ASME/ API/ ISO/ NEC/ IEC/ATEX and class to DNV/ Lloyds/ ABS/ BV. Packages are modular, meaning they can be partial packaged and easily integrated into process solutions.

Controls & system integration. Petroturbo designs and integrates advanced control systems for a variety of applications, all panels are assembled and tested in our facility. Full compliance to customers specs and required codes IEC, NEMA, EXD, EXP, redundant systems compliance to SIL II & III, as well as the engineering of the logic and the integration of most PLC systems. Our advanced graphics design incorporates HMI and MMs Scada and remote monitoring systems.

Pressure vessels & Heat exchangers. Petroturbo designs and manufactures pressure vessels and heat exchangers for oil and gas industries. All products are fabricated and designed under the ASME Boiler & Pressure vessel Code Section VIII DIV.1.

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Pumping Packages

Innovative and efficient pump technology that offers highly-engineered pumping packages for the oil & gas industry.

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Air Compression Packages

Design oil-free and lubricated screw-scroll compressors complete packages for oil & gas industry.

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Gas Compression Packages

Integrating complex rotating and process equipment for the stringent oil & gas industry.

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