Operation & Maintenance

Expert O&M services to realizing competitive plant operations.

Petroturbo operation & maintenance (O&M)service is a customer-oriented, focused on providing excellent service based on ongoing collaboration. This starts by identifying and understanding each customer's specific needs and this close contact is then maintained throughout the entire project lifecycle, thereby ensuring maximum productivity and in optimal conditions in order to extend the plant's operating life as much as possible.

Our expertise. In partnership with our customers, we have established operations, maintenance and services agreement that truly create value and quantifiable positive result and our expertise is including: Plant maintenance, Facility diagnosis, and Man power supply.

Plant Maintenance

We improve the economic efficiency and safety of your facilities through daily maintenance, shutdown maintenance and cleaning services. The main services are as follows:

  1. Daily maintenance: providing efficient daily maintenance services, taking into account factors such as safety, productivity, quality and cost

  2. Shutdown maintenance: proposing a shutdown plan that maintains safety and operational quality while reducing production losses

  3. Modification: providing optimal modifications by solving various problems that surface in the course of facility diagnosis

  4. Energy saving and capacity boosting: consultation on remodeling and refurbishment of facilities and equipment for energy conservation and capacity enhancement.


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Facility Diagnosis

Petroturbo conducts inspections and diagnoses of existing facilities through nondestructive inspections and accumulate data to formulate optimal maintenance plans together with customers. The main services we provide are as follows:

  1. Consultation: support for the development of technical codes and standards, facility specifications, historical data and engineering data

  2. Nondestructive inspection: entire facility management including drafting an inspection plan for the facility, evaluating the results, and executing the inspection

  3. Diagnosis: inspection and diagnosis of oil and gas processing facilities 

  4. Life evaluation: providing technologies for evaluating remaining life and safety based on materials, operation history and damage phenomena

  5. Investigation, analysis and assessment: inspection to identify causes of damage, and offer the solution to be taken.

Man Power Supply

Petroturbo provides manpower supply services for our customers with quality personnel to all fields associated with general and specialized mechanical, instrument, and electrical services in short, medium and long term basis .

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Aftermarket Services

Tailored aftermarket services that give your operations an edge.

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General Mechanical services

Customized general mechanical services to satisfy the demands of customers.

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Rotating Equipment Services

Rotating equipment services - Improved uptime, time efficiency, cost reduction.