MRO Supplies

MRO items are consumed in production and plant maintenance.

Petroturbo provides MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operating) supplies for the oil and gas industry. Covering of thousand products in the core business and the product range comprises every kind of MRO consumable, including: Safety equipment, Industrial equipment (valves, compressors, pumps), Consumables (cleaning, laboratory, and office supplies), and Plant upkeep supplies (lubricants, gaskets, repair tools).

Strategic Sourcing. A supply chain professional can strategically manage MRO supplies by learning where to source materials economically. MRO costs should be negotiated annually, to keep costs down. Consolidating MRO suppliers, when possible, also makes good fiscal sense, as shaving even just a few percentage points from an MRO budget can radically improve a company's bottom line. On the other hand, failure to properly inventory a supply chain with necessary MRO items can result in production shut-downs.

Manufacturers. The close collaboration with our main suppliers allows us to provide a wide range, always based on top quality products. 

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Safety Equipment

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Industrial Equipment

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Plant Upkeep Supplies

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