Electrical Technician

--Field Operation - Offshore--

Short summary of the job: Perform maintenance work and repair of production equipment to the scope of electricity and are responsible for the quality of the work.


  1. Understanding of electrical engineering drawings.

  2. Perform megger and install  the  electric motor wiring connections.

  3. Perform the replacement of the power cord.

  4. Perform electrical installation.

  5. Perform replacement and checking of transformer oil.

  6. Perform grounding system measurement.

  7. Perform replacement of electrical components (breakers, relays, switches, ballasts, contactors, etc.).

  8. Perform maintenance electric generator and motor control.

  9. Conduct periodic maintenance/ PM, repair and troubleshoot on schedule specified in the electricity sector. 

  10. Develop draft SOP and JSA electrical work.

  11. Maintain a high standard of personnel/ workshop/ equipment/ machines and tooling cleanliness.

  12. Ensure that all work is completed and inspected as per the approved work procedures.

  13. Comply with all company QHSE policies, practices and procedures.

  14. Contribute to the team ethic and perform other reasonable duties as required in support of the business.


  1. Have a basic knowledge of electricity in the oil & gas offshore.

  2. Have knowledge of safety procedures related to electricity.

  3. Have knowledge and be able to operate the tools and power tools with the right ways and survived.

  4. Have knowledge and be able to perform maintenance or repairs on electric motors, controllers, generators, transformers, etc.

  5. Proficient in reading electrical engineering drawings. 

  6. Have a good attitude and prioritize customer satisfaction

  7. Ability to communicate well and candidates must be team players.

  8. Have a minimum of passive knowledge of English both spoken and written.

  9. Microsoft office computer skills.


  1. D3 or SMK with a minimum experience of at least 3 (three) years working experience in oil & gas industry Instrumentation.

  2. Maximum age 45 years.

  3. Physically and mentally healthy.

  4. Preferred which hold the Certificate or training related to instrumentation operation and maintenance from BNSP/ MIGAS/ SKKNI.

  5. Has a BSS certificate (Basic Sea Survival). Old certificate is accepted and renew will be provided by Petroturbo after passing the recruitment process.

Working Conditions & Physical Requirements:

  1. Work  Schedule: 11 (eleven) hours/days which includes starting work on 06:00 AM to 6:00 PM with 1 hours break for lunch or dinner. 28 (twenty-eight) days work and 28 (twenty-eight) days off for a period of work or follow company offshore rule and prepared by the on-call outside office hours/days to business needs. 

  2. Depending on the workload, personnel may be required to work overtime under Company’s approval.

  3. Exposure to shop and field elements such as noise, dust, odors and temperature variations.

  4. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment while in shop environment or on job site.

  5. This is a safety sensitive position.

How to Apply:

  1. Please submit your resume by click Apply Now!, and completed all fields required information.

  2. The attachment of resume shall be submitted in Microsoft word files with max size is 1,0 MB.

  3. If any further clarifications about this job opportunity, Please contact Petroturbo HRD with contact detail: Contact Us.