General Mechanical Services

Customized general mechanical services to satisfy the demands of customers.

Petroturbo provides general mechanical services to a whole energy infrastructure and industrial plant, who utilise rotating and static equipment in their day-to-day running. 

Our expertise. Our technical team provides complete general mechanical services and guaranteeing a high level of technical service and execution that truly create value and quantifiable positive result and our expertise is including: Machining, Coating and thermal spraying, Heat exchanger service and repair, and Fabrication steel.


Petroturbo provides machining services as one of the major importance in any repair process. This technique is used in various situations such as turning a shaft to size after welding or metal spraying, grinding a roller after hard chromium plating, or manufacturing a new component.

Petroturbo service facility can carry out any machining process with our CNC machine and manual machine, including: Turning, Milling, Grinding, Vertical boring, Horizontal boring, Slotting, Drilling, etc.

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Coating and Thermal Spraying

Petroturbo provides coating engineering and thermal spraying to ensure optimal performance. We can engineer the most suitable coating to improve the performance of a component in a specific environment:

  1. Coating: Petroturbo can engineer the best-fitting coating to find the optimum solution for customer, by using either: Welding, Hard chromium electroplating, and Nickel electroplating.

  2. Thermal spraying: Petroturbo offers all forms of thermal spraying currently available and which can be used to restore component dimensions with materials similar to the original. Using thermal spraying method to increases equipment life without distorting, cracking, or making the base material brittle, with various techniques: Combustion wire, Electric arc, Combustion powder, and High velocity oxygen fuel spraying (HVOF).

Heat Exchanger Service and Repair

Petroturbo provides minor repairs or complete overhauls to most makes and models of industrial cooling system components such as radiators, oil coolers, tube and shell heat exchangers, after and intercoolers for our customers. 

Repair, Retubing, Tubing and replacement tubes available in various tube alloys: 70/30 Copper nickel (CUNI) tube, 90/10 Copper nickel (CUNI) tube, Stainless Steel Alloys tube, Admiralty Brass tube, Aluminum Bronze tube.

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Fabrication Steel

Petroturbo provides fully integrated modular fabrication steel services to meet your project and packaged equipment needs quickly and cost-effectively. Our team of engineers, designers, welders, mechanics, and machinists are certified in a wide variety of different alloys and materials.

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Aftermarket Services

Tailored aftermarket services that give your operations an edge.

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Rotating Equipment services

Rotating equipment services - Improved uptime, time efficiency, cost reduction.

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Operation & Maintenance

Expert O&M services to realizing competitive plant operations.