Structural Analysis - FEA

FEA simulation to accelerate product development with confidence.

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The types of structural analysis - FEA range from simple linear-elastic, modal/frequency, thermal, and high-cycle fatigue analyses to more advanced non-linear elastic-plastic, transient, multi-linear plastic, fracture mechanics, and low-cycle fatigue calculation.

Our expertise. Petroturbo offers a rich background in structural analysis capabilities to serve a variety of needs throughout the design process. High-fidelity finite element analysis (FEA) is performed using industry leading software and expertise to assist with simulation-driven design, failure investigation, design validation, design re-rate, design optimization, etcVarious types of analyses are used in combination with deep engineering experience to provide enhanced insights into turbomachinery performance. Structural analysis is used to support the entire Petroturbo product family including pumps and compressors. 

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Preliminary Design

State of the art CAE methods for fast design exploration and optimization.

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Flow Simulation - CFD

CFD techniques can greatly reduce the time needed for product development.

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Rotor Dynamic Analysis

Rotor Dynamic Analysis will help maintain performance, stability, and reliability of turbomachinery.