Support Facilities

Through our support facilities and engineers, we provide support to ensure your equipment runs reliably.

Located in Bizhub Serpong, our support has some facilities for service, manufacturing, fabrication, and warehouse for the energy infrastructure and industrial plant. Focused on safety and quality, we are a recognized provider of extensive service capabilities, value-added manufacturing solutions, turnkey modular skid assembly & fabrication.

Service Facility. At Petroturbo, we believe in not only the repair of your rotating equipment, but the improvement of your equipment’s performance and longevity that meet customer’s expectations and delivery schedules reducing equipment downtime and production losses. Our service facility is fully equipped to service a wide array of rotating equipment.

Manufacturing Facility. Petroturbo’s manufacturing capabilities extend far beyond simply cutting metal. Our highly skilled machinists are backed by experienced design engineers with diverse technical backgrounds from many CAE and CAM programs. This broad expertise enables us to suggest more efficient manufacturing methods, materials, processes, and designs that meet customer needs while lowering their production costs.

Fabrication Facility. Petroturbo provides fully integrated modular fabrication and support services to meet your project and packaged equipment needs quickly and cost-effectively. Our team of engineers, designers, welders, mechanics, and machinists are certified in a wide variety of different alloys and materials.

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Service Facility

Extensive service capabilities for fast support to minimize downtime.

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Manufacturing Facility

Value-added manufacturing solutions for your equipment .

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Fabrication Facility

Turnkey modular skid assembly & fabrication.

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