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Course Descriptions

This course provides the foundation for all reciprocating gas compressors. The information taught in this course can be applied to virtually all reciprocating gas compressors and is comprehensive in all areas of compressor operation, troubleshooting and maintenance. This course is recommended for anyone who is responsible for the safe operation and servicing of reciprocating gas compressor products as well as those who desire a thorough understanding of gas compression theory and technology.

Trainer Profile

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Rick Ykema

Over 40 years as a professional instructor in the technical trades with thousands of students served globally.

22 years as a U.S. Navy Propulsion Engineer and Professional Trainer. Served as the Director of Propulsion Plant Training in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as well as several training management positions throughout the Atlantic Fleet.

22 years in the Oil & Gas Industry as a Senior Instructor, Training Manager, Technical Support Manager, Field Service and Commissioning Manager, and Global Training Director focusing on helping customers maximize plant operations, minimize maintenance costs, and providing for safe and effective production.

Work Experience: Ykema Technical Training LLC (Owner / Managing Director), 360 Compression Services LLC (Owner / Managing Director), Baker Hughes a GE Company (Global Director of Training), Cameron International (Global Training Director), John J. McMullen Associates Inc (Contract Training Specialist), United States Navy (Senior Chief Petty Office).

Course Syllabus

Course Name. Reciprocating Compression Fundamentals.

Course Length. 24 hours (4 hours per day).

Prerequisites. Desire to learn more about Reciprocating Compressors.

Target Audience. Operators, mechanics, technicians, and maintenance / equipment specialist responsible for the safe day to day operation of Reciprocating Compression Products.

Goal. Knowledge & comprehension of safe day to day operation and maintenance practices used with the Reciprocating Compression Products. Identify sources of information relative to operation and maintenance of their equipment.

Course Content

Complete unit descriptions. Frame & crosshead guide, crossheads & pins, Crankshaft, connecting rods, bearings & bushings.

Lubrication systems. Main lubrication system, Force feed lubricators.

Compressor details. Sequence of events – Reciprocating compressor cylinder (Signs & Indicators), Rings & rider bands, Pressure packing, Valves & unloaders.

Support systems. Coolers, water pumps, Control systems.

Description of installation & commissioning. Inspection & setup procedures, Rod runout, Coupling alignment.

Description of recommended operational procedures. Startup procedures, normal & emergency shut down procedures, Compressor performance control.

Description & application of recommended maintenance. Performing prescribed maintenance tasks, & handling critical repairs, Regular servicing, Condition monitoring & troubleshooting.

Product development – OEM .