Fluid Flow Simulation - CFD

CFD techniques can greatly reduce the time needed for product development.

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Fluid flow simulation using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is an alternative to complex, conventional development process consisting of design development, model construction, and experimental validation. Developing a hydraulic machinery using modern CFD techniques can greatly reduce the time needed for development, therefore reducing the overall cost of the project.

Our expertise. The emphasis at Petroturbo has always been to use CFD to gain insight into the internal flow phenomena and our experience engineer will interpret the simulation results and translate that knowledge into design improvements for maximize performance and it will reducing the need for development testing of new machines. We use of commercial Navier-Stokes solvers to simulate complex flows patterns including cavitation, heat transfer, multiphase, moving geometries, etc. We have the experience design engineer also for modelling the turbomachinery to enabling our engineers to conduct pre and post-processing with an increasingly accurate representation of real geometry. The more representative the model, the more accurate are the results.

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Preliminary Design

State of the art CAE methods for fast design exploration and optimization.

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Structural Analysis - FEA

FEA simulation to accelerate product development with confidence.

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Rotor Dynamic Analysis

Rotor Dynamic Analysis will help maintain performance, stability, and reliability of turbomachinery.