About Petroturbo

Serving Indonesia by delivering world-class turbomachinery products and services.

PT Petroturbo Indonesia (Petroturbo) established in 2011 is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, with a production facility and service center in Tangerang, Indonesia. Petroturbo has become a partner for industry specially in Indonesian oil and gas markets over the last ten years. We advance our technology via internally-funded R&D and by participation in several shared-funding projects.

World Class Transformation. Petroturbo continues to strengthen its foundation, and transform from a rotating equipment vendor to become a provider for integrated turbomachinery solutions with a group of talented and enthusiastic Indonesian engineers committed to delivering world-class turbomachinery products and services.

Our Vision, Mission, Values

Our vision for the future

At Petroturbo, we are wholly committed to excellence and our long-term goal is to become a world-class turbomachinery solution company.

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Our mission statement

At Petroturbo, the following is our mission statement:

  1. We provides quality based information and solutions to build long-term relationship with our customers based on a strong foundation of trust,

  2. We are entirely committed to deliver advanced technology solutions that are more powerful, more efficient, and more competitive,

  3. We are committed towards taking steps in building a cleaner environment. Our primary focus is towards designing the turbomachinery products and services, which would contribute in creating a balance nature and thus enchancing the quality of human life.

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Our core values

At Petroturbo, we are committed to five basic values:

  1. Recognizing our employees as our most important assets,

  2. Creating quality turbomachinery solutions for our customers,

  3. Always adhering to good business ethics and conforming to related legislation,

  4. Protecting the environment and supporting the community,

  5. Always adopting continuous improvement in all our work.

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Business Activities

Our Products

Petroturbo is an industrial pumps manufacturer, artificial lift providers, process system packager, and MRO supplier for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.

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Our Services

Petroturbo is solution for turbomachinery, aftermarket services, operation & maintenance, and equipment rental providers for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.

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How can we help you?

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