PETROTURBO is committed to ensuring that it is an equipment packager leader with respect to health, safety and welfare of its employees, clients, the public, and the environment. We are committed to providing active leadership and completely supporting our Health, Safety and Environment Management system (HSEMS).

We also take pride in providing a positive attitude as displayed by all employees towards a common sense approach to safe work place practices within our facilities, and in the field at client locations. We hope that our employees utilize what they have learned for safe work conditions home with them as well, ensuring our personnel that measure of safety also.

It is essential that management, all employees, vendors, sub-vendors and visitors are active in identifying and initiating preventative measures to control hazards associated with activities and duties under their direction and control. Safety is an integral part of our procedures for all individuals working in or attending our facilities.

The HSEMS standards are designed to guide all management, all employees, vendors, sub-vendors and visitors to safely and successfully attend our facilities to complete required business. Compliance with these standards although mandatory, prevent injuries or diseases, however substantially lowers the risks involved with the multiple tasks required of our employees. Following the HSEMS guidelines is a fundamental pre-requisite in controlling risks contributed to accidents and injuries within our facilities and the environment.

PETROTURBO ensures that all employees, vendors, sub-vendors and visitors become familiar with the HSEMS manual and in particular the sections and standards that pertain to the daily operations that are under their control.